Chief Editor

Dr. Selvaganapathy is well known across the globe as a senior Saivite Tamil scholar. He has made his mark in 18 universities world over, with an academic experience of 31 years to his credit. Prof. Selvaganapathy has served as Tamil Professor, Head of the Dept, and Principal. He has been honoured with more than fifteen awards by various organisations. Having authored 14 valued books, his CDs carrying more than 200 hours of lectures on Saivism and Vaishnavism, is being heard in 80 countries. His long association and rapport with Saivite Mutts and scholars was a great source of strength in compiling the encyclopaedia. The mammoth task of compiling the encyclopaedia was made less tough with 40 years of his association with Saiva Siddhantha, apart from training and research in the field.
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