Content of the Encyclopaedia

The editorial team decided on ten volumes of the encyclopaedia including the antiquity of Saivism, its wide reach, the Saivite shrines, amazing content of innumerable Saivite works, and the importance of the Saivite saints

(1) Saivism - as in Tamil Nadu and Pudhucherry
(2) the world of Saivism beyond Tamil Nadu
(3) Saivite Scriptures or devotional hymns
(4) Saivite Shrines glorified in the hymns
(5) Shrines of the later period
(6) Saivite Saints
(7) Saivite works
(8) Saiva Siddhantha
(9) Saivite organisations
(10) and Glorius Gateway.

Though the encyclopaedia has been compiled as ten volumes, for the convenience of the readers, one volume is largely related to the other volume. Alphabetical order, the grammar of an encyclopaedia has been followed in the compilation of topics.

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