First historical document on Saivism

The Encyclopaedia on Saivism is the first of its kind in Tamil with an international appeal and reach. The massive presentation has been designed and created as an historical document on the illustrious journey of Saivism for the past five thousand years with its beginnings even before the Vedic period.

The encyclopaedia has deeply researched the emergence and growth of Saivism, across the country, the Asian continent, and other far-off countries.

The effort spanning over a period of six years since 2006, executed by the Saint Sekkizhaar Human Resource Development Charitable Trust includes 22000 major titles and 50000 subtitles.

The pillars of this great creation include a fifty member advisory committee comprising world class multi-disciplinary Saivite scholars and an editoral team of 220 senior Saivite Tamil scholars. The massive effort is led by Chief Editor and Publisher Senthamil Vaarithi, Sivagnana Kalanidhi Kalaimamani Prof. Dr. R. Selvaganapathy.

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